Visitor Health & Safety

Sites with no occupied properties:

Site access for visitors is strictly by appointment only and visitors must always accompanied by a member of Primesave staff. Access without an appointment is strictly prohibited and anyone doing so may be asked to leave.

When visiting a building site you must wear appropriate footwear and any personal protective equipment offered. Do not stray from the staff member accompanying you.

Be aware of activity around you and, if an alarm of any sort is sounded, leave the site with your escort by means of the nearest exit and gather at the assembly point.

Building site can be cold, wet, muddy or dusty so please dress appropriately.

Please note: We may cancel site access, even at short notice, if site conditions at the time make visiting hazardous.


Sites with occupied properties:

Where homes are occupied, there will be public access over the estate roads but this is strictly limited to the completed parts of the development. Public access to areas where construction is still taking place is always prohibited, including when work is taking place.

If visiting parts of a development which are occupied, please respect the privacy of the owners and do not, under and circumstance, access their property, driveway or garden.