Land Buying

We actively source the market for new land to expand our development sites, ranging from single plots to plots of 40+ properties. By working with landowners on potential opportunities, we’re able to provide exciting new developments to our buyers in locations they want to live in.

Construction, landing buying | Primesave Properties

Choosing our sites

We look at sites that have existing planning permission and those that have planning potential. At Primesave we pride ourselves on looking at each opportunity on its merits and create a plan that will help the landowner maximise their asset, whilst ensuring that any planning permission secured is viable and deliverable. As our developments range in size, we’re able to work with any space, whether this is for single plots or larger schemes of 30+ new build homes.

Land buying in and around Powys | Primesave Properties

Investing in land for the future of our developments

During the land buying process, we tailor options to suit the needs of both the landowners and our prospective buyers. Working closely with the landowner from the start, we work together to secure the best planning and outcome for the space.

We’re predominately looking to invest in land within rural locations in both the Shropshire and Powys area. All of our developments are designed to create housing developments for local residents at different stages of the buying process, whether they’re first time buyers, growing families, or they want to downsize in a new home to as they retire into later life.

Construction, land buying process | Primesave Properties

Our Land Buying Process

Our clear focus on pleasing the landowner is echoed throughout our buying process:

  • Sites are appraised by our senior team before any terms are finalised.
  • Once we’ve agreed a deal with the landowner, we ensure they have full confidence in terms of site delivery and timescales, as landowner requirements are critical at this stage.
  • As a local business, we apply our knowledge of the area to our negotiations with any landowner.
  • Our commitment to innovation drives our competitiveness when bidding for a plot which is why we will consider any type of land for potential development.
  • Landowners can trust us to provide high-quality land bids and then keep our promises afterwards.
  • All sites are surveyed by Primesave and our partners to see how we can make our housing projects sustainable.
  • Our options are tailored to suit the landowner’s needs, and we’re willing to work with them from the very beginning of the project to ensure they receive the best possible outcome.