As a housing developer we’re committed to ensuring we’re as environmentally conscious as possible with our builds. This is not just in relation to the areas in which we build and how we respect the land, but also in terms of ensuring our new build homes are sustainable for our buyers.

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Sustainable homes

Now more than ever it’s important for homeowners to have a property that is as energy efficient and sustainable as possible. To combat the concerns regarding utility costs and maintenance, we ensure that our new build homes are built with improved insulation, energy efficient lighting and ultra efficient domestic heating systems. Protecting our buyers, and the environment, is at the forefront of what we do.

All homes come with solar panels as standard, and we use modern appliances to help improve the efficiency of water and energy used in the home, helping day-to-day consumption. In addition, we regular update the design and construction of our homes to not only ensure comfort, but to also make it more economical so you can enjoy your Primesave home for years to come.

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Developments focused on our environment

We work with environmental experts to ensure that we’re doing all we can to make our homes energy efficient. Where possible, we maintain trees and hedgerows to secure the integrity of the site and its surroundings. For all the trees and natural habitats, we remove, we make a conscious effort to replace these as soon as possible, paying close attention to the species of plants and animals that inhabit the space. Our developments are designed to provide welcoming communities for both wildlife and residents.

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Energy efficient homes in prime locations for a sustainable Future

At Primesave, we work hard to limit our environmental impact. We work closely alongside local ecologists and arbologists to reduce the impact on wildlife and nature, and we’re constantly seeking new technologies and high-standard building materials to create and improve homes for the future. As part of our environmental commitment, where possible we aim to build to high standards and create heat efficient and cost effective homes.

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Supporting your energy efficiency goals

It’s important everyone does their bit when it comes to the environment.

On average, new build homes emit over two tonnes less carbon every year compared with older properties. According to the Home Builders Federation, new build homeowners save around £2,600 on energy bills per year.

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Constructing energy-conscious homes

At Primesave, we’re committed to constructing improved energy efficient homes. The construction industry is developing, and becoming, more sustainable as it responds to customers needs. Purchasers are more eco-aware than ever before, and require new and improved sustainable features for their new homes.