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A slice of modern living in the middle of the Welsh countryside, the market town of Welshpool isn’t like anywhere else. And that’s exactly why this could be the perfect town for your new home. Enjoy all the pleasures of Welsh countryside living, with a wide arrange of amenities on your doorstep and easy travel links to explore everything the UK has to offer.

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Experience a better quality of life

Located right near the Welsh border with England, Welshpool has stood for hundreds of years, providing a better quality of life for its residents with a low-lying River Severn coursing through its veins.

Thanks to its location, residents of Welshpool have access to a wide range of public transport links that can either take you into the West Midlands of England, further into the Welsh mainland, or all the way to the coastlines of Aberystwyth.

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Things to do in Welshpool

However, don’t think that you need to go further afield to enjoy yourself or find something you can’t get within the town centre. Welshpool has everything you need to live a settled and fulfilling life in Powys. You’ll find a wide array of supermarkets nearby, as well as an impressive range of local-owned stores on Broad Street that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

You’ll almost be spoilt for choice with the bars, cafés and restaurants waiting to take your booking in Welshpool. Whether you’re in the historic town centre or the outskirts, you’ll find quality food and drink everywhere you look – suitable for all budgets and tastes.

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Historic buildings and tourist attractions

It’s hard to describe Welshpool without mentioning the simply glorious Powis Castle and its historic garden. Built in the late 17th century, the castle stands tall among the rural Welsh landscape as a treasured relic of the Italian renaissance. The castle is just one of the historic locations dotted across town for you to explore, but is by far the most stunning to look at.

While there are plenty of tourist attractions, Welshpool is an idyllic place to live for families of all ages, with an abundance of schools and leisure facilities for all age levels. In fact, the town is the perfect place in Powys to get yourself and children involved in sports, with places rugby, football and cycling clubs available.