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It’s not just the Severn that smiles in Newtown. In fact, you’ll find it’s quite contagious when living here. With a relaxing atmosphere and picturesque rural setting, there’ll be plenty to smile about when making that move to the largest town in central Wales with Primesave Properties.

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A historic market town

This historic market town has stood for around 800 years, being the centre of trade for all residents since the medieval times.

Although a quaint Powys town located near the border between England and Wales, Newtown was the international hub for the flannel industry, before seeing an economic boom due to the rise in the woollen industry. Pieces of that rich history still live on in the town centre, with the old Flannel Exchange being transformed into an entertainment venue.

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Education in Newtown

If you’re looking to move to Newtown with your family, you’ll find an abundance of good local schools to choose from.

From those early days at nursery, your children will have all their educational needs fulfilled right up until they pack their bags for university, giving you all the more reason to make Newtown your home for the foreseeable future.

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The local area and amenities

Living in Newtown, you’ll have all you could need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life in the Welsh countryside. You’ll find a number of facilities to keep you active, including the local leisure centre and various sports clubs you can get involved in.

Exploring your new surroundings is a must, especially when you’ve got all the natural beauty on your doorstep. In your free time, why not take some walks around the ruins of St Mary’s Church or Gregynog Hall if you prefer to be outdoors when exercising?

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Environmental awareness and transport

Greener ways of living are becoming more and more popular nowadays and Newtown could be the place to help you switch. There are always some community projects going on to help save the local environment, and the local recycling centre is perfect for doing your bit to become more eco-friendly, turning your waste into something more useful.

As the biggest town in Mid Wales, Newtown has some excellent public transport links to the biggest cities in both England and Wales from the local train station, as well as surrounding areas in Powys and Mid Wales.